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Forever Final Fantasy:TSW
Hiya, whassup, my name is Squall4ever. This webpage is part of my main website, that i'm still trying to construct. But since Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within came out, I wanted to create a webpage about it. And since my main website, Forever Final Fantasy is still in the works, I decided to make a seperate page for the movie, naming it Forever Final Fantasy:TSW. This movie was great, it was the same, if not better, as the FF games. If you haven't seen the movie, go see it, its fantastic.

July 21, 2001 - Got some wallpapers up, hoping to have some trailers                                     on the downloads page.               
July 15, 2001 - Added pictures to the Gallery page. I'll be adding wallpapers to the site soon.
July 14, 2001 - Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was just released on theaters on the 11th. It made five million dollars, just in its opening day. Wonder what amount it had made now?

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